Make. Every Day.

In 1992, San Francisco-based entrepreneur Maurice Kanbar set out in search of a better vodka for the perfect martini. When he couldn’t find one, he decided to ignore his critics and make it himself. This ingenious spirit embodies what it means to Make. Every Day.

Twenty-five years later, SKYY is celebrating our beginnings and all those who are willing to approach each day as an opportunity to make their mark. We’re inviting everyone to seek the unexpected path, to step into our world and see life the way we do. Because the world is what you make it. And when you live like every moment is yours for the making, the possibilities are endless. That’s the bold ambition that sparked our story. Now it’s time to spark yours.

To help bring our movement to life, we chose four partners who share our audacious perspective. Their paths push boundaries. Their work inspires wonder. And their determination to make is undying. Discover more about Tony Kelly, Wendy Fok, Nick Taranto and Noah Norman, and be inspired to Make. Every Day.